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53m bungee jump

Franjo Tudjman bridge - Dubrovnik

In the course of years, we have organized teambuilding for successful Croatian companies, as well as excursions, bachelorette parties….


*mandatory fileds

All you need to know before your jump

Dear jumpers, before the jump you must read and sign Bungee Jumping statement in which is written that you dont have any problems with your health ( heart, spine, ankles, knees...). After signing the statement and payment, if you decide not to jump, money won't be returned. Before the jump we will prepare you for the jump and give you instructions for the jump.

All payments are accepted in cash only prior to your jump, we don't accept Bank or Credit Cards.
There are weight restrictions to ensure your safety. All jumpers must weigh between 50 and 120kg.
We recommend you wear comfortable and sporty clothing. Prior to putting on the harness all pockets must be emptied and all jewelry and shoes is recommended to be removed.
Please confirm your reservation 24 hours in advance. Please arrive 10 mins before your scheduled appointment time. Prep time and safety protocols should take about 15 mins.
Height of the bridge is 53m, during the jump you go approximately 4-5m above the sea and it lasts around 4 seconds. After that we will pull you back with a electric motor.
You can reach us by Uber, taxi, private transportation or by foot.

After your jump we’d greatly appreciate your review on TripAdvisor.

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Price List

  • Bungee jump = 120 EUR (904,14 HRK)

  • Video footage of the jump = 20 EUR (150,69 HRK)

    go pro camera

  • Bungee jump T - shirt = 10 EUR (75,35 HRK)

  • Working hours: every day from 11:00 a.m. or according to prior arrangement.


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